✧ brazilian butt // butt + twerking sub by tina subbies

Brazilian butt (combo)

Before you read this please note these affirmations are based around the twerking , the dancing and the lower body of Taina Costa. If you dont know who she is i doubt this will work for you so please spare a minute to check her instagram (@taina) so this will work. Here is the link :

Good luck!


— extremely big butt (in extreme detail)
— Brazilian butt
— butt as big and perfect as Taina Costa’s butt
— round, perky, big, 44 inch butt
— free of back fat (in extreme detail)
— small, 24 inch waist (in extreme detail)
— perfect waist just like Taina Costa
— round, 36 inch hips
— free of hip dips
— round, wide hips just like Taina Costa
— free of love handles
— best twerker in the world
— butt bounces and moves amazingly when you twerk
— hit every beat, even the fastest ones, when you twerk, unable not to
— get better at twerking when you eat, sleep, blink, beathe, look in the mirror, think about results etc
— twerk just as well as Taina Costa
— everyone compliments youre twerking
— master twerking
— master whining
— master grinding
— sexually attract people from ANY gender
— free of pedophiles attracted to you or your twerking
— parents allow you to twerk in public, parties etc
— make anyone weak to their knees when you whine, twerk or grind
— ultimately blessed with the perfect body
— ultimately blessed with the perfect dancing

Only for females / feminine figures

Song – Sometimes x no crying in the club x company mashup – mia mashups

Fuente – Source

✧ brazilian butt // butt + twerking sub by tina subbies

Disfruta aprendiendo a bailar Twerking o twerk !! Aprende a bailar dancehall, gracias a Dancesteps.eu puedes aprender a bailarlo desde casa o desde donde quieras, tan solo necesitarás un teléfono móvil o celular ! 🙂

Esperamos que os haya gustado el video y que aprendas a bailar lo que más te guste !

Un saludo dancers !!

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