Shuffle Dance Tutorial Choreography #1

Welcome to my online shuffle class! The studio I teach at is currently closed for the time being, so I have brought my class to you online! This is an intermediate/advanced class consisting of a small choreographed piece. I call this class ‘Progressive’. Every week, I put together a different short choreographed shuffle/hip-hop routine like this one, adding new moves every week. I will be moving quite quickly since the class is online and you can pause and go back if you have to, in person it takes 1 hour to learn the whole routine. I flipped this video for you to learn on the same side as me, just mirror my moves! Have fun!

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I do not own the rights to this song: Beggar Groove – LTJ X-Perience
Practice going in time with the beat!

Have fun, sending all my love!

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Shuffle Dance Tutorial Choreography #1

Disfruta aprendiendo a bailar Shuffle !! Aprende a bailar shuffle, gracias a puedes aprender a bailarlo desde casa o desde donde quieras, tan solo necesitarás un teléfono móvil o celular ! 🙂

Esperamos que os haya gustado el video y que aprendas a bailar lo que más te guste !

Un saludo dancers !!

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