My Lit 🔥 Caribbean Playlist 2020 | Soca | Reggae | DanceHall

Wassup YouTube,
I’ve been wanting to do this video for SOOOOO long and I finally got a chance to film.
I was originally supposed to do this video by myself but ofc angel wanted to be in it 😂😂
COMMENT what country you’re from.
Hope you guys enjoy. ❤️

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Thanks For Watching !

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My Lit 🔥 Caribbean Playlist 2020 | Soca | Reggae | DanceHall

Disfruta aprendiendo a bailar Dancehall !! Aprende a bailar dancehall, gracias a puedes aprender a bailarlo desde casa o desde donde quieras, tan solo necesitarás un teléfono móvil o celular ! 🙂

Esperamos que os haya gustado el video y que aprendas a bailar lo que más te guste !

Un saludo dancers !!

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